Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There Is Fresh Cotton Candy In The Columbia Mall

Cotton candy at the Columbia Mall
You can buy fresh cotton candy in the Columbia Mall -- along with other circus foods at a small cart in the center of the shopping area.

Look near the water feature in the center of the lower level -- near where they sometimes display automobiles.  We found a cart selling cotton candy right from the machine.  Fruit flavors, along with pistachio.  Mrs. HowChow had bought some earlier in the summer, and our second $3 bag was just as airy and sweet.  They're running a cotton candy machine at the stand, so it's fresh.

It's a quick treat.  But it's good enough that I'm trying to figure a way to serve it to friends this weekend.

(Update Sept. 2013:  They moved the cart a little closer to the food court after installing a cupcake bakery under the escalator near the water feature.  You can still buy great cotton candy.)


Anonymous said...

The stand is there by the fountain and its called "sweet treat" they have the best cotton candy ever, always fresh and they have offers when you buy a second one you get a $1 off. You can get cotton candy, fresh popcorn in different flavors, and a lot of chocolate covered nuts

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