Sunday, August 26, 2012

Awesomeness: People Came To Main Street

Thanks to everyone who joined in the publicity for the Main Street Appreciation Weekend.  People really came out.  That's the fun we can have where a few blogs post and other folks keep passing the word.

Congrats again to Tom Coale, who must be beaming now that his idea has really turned into people sitting down in restaurants and walking around stores.  Tom blogs at HocoRising, but he does lots to connect folks in the real world as well.  Thanks also to Richard Gorelick and all the Sun reporters who told people about the event.

Main Street could still use your business.  Go grab lunch or dinner this week.  For ideas, check out the recommendations in the comments to a prior post.  Or scroll through the Facebook page where some people posted photos and descriptions of where they ate or shopped on Main Street.

(Update:  Tom posted on Monday about the weekend.)

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