Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Un Mondo Chorizo At Roots Market

At the groceries that sell healthy food, I'm always looking for the items that will taste delicious.

I got to Roots for the good stuff -- vegetables, Michelle's granola, and bulk grains.  So I'm justified to grab chorizo from the display right near the checkout.

Un Mondo chorizo has the taste of spices and fat.  It's a pork sausage that we sliced onto a antipasto plate with cheese, marinated vegetables and pickled eggs.

The chorizo was unctuous and tasty, but not oily at all.  Slivers of rich flavor that contrasted beautifully with cauliflower brined in vinegar and rice crackers dusted with seaweed.  A great example of how you can make a meal of flavor from a handful of meat.

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