Saturday, April 30, 2011

Richard Gorelick's Best Of Howard County

Richard Gorelick does a huge amount of busy work to keep his job as the Sun's restaurant reviewer.

We know that he really only wants to write about Howard County, but the bosses demand that he keep up with the city and other suburbs.

Case in point:  Gorelick picked his favorite 18 Howard County restaurants this week.  Then he had to camouflage them in a fake list of "50 Best" in Baltimore, Howard and Anne Arundel counties.

Luckily, we can reverse-engineer the Sun's display to show you the spots that really matter:
Sushi Sono - #6 on Gorelick's Best of Howard
  1. Iron Bridge Wine Company (3)
  2. Bistro Blanc (4)
  3. Great Sage (6)
  4. Tersiguel's (7)
  5. Victoria Gastro Pub (8)
  6. Sushi Sono (11)
  7. Portalli's (13)
  8. El Azteca (22)
  9. Elkridge Furnance Inn (24)
  10. Aida Bistro & Wine Bar (25)
  11. Mango Grove (26)
  12. Rumor Mill (28)
  13. Shin Chon Garden (30)
  14. Facci Ristorante (31)
  15. King's Contrivance (34)
  16. Cafe de Paris (43)
  17. Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro (46)
  18. Ranazul (48)
That's a great list, especially because I'm inspired to try some place (or try them again).   I have never been to Tersiguel's or Rumor Mill, and I always forget El Azteca and Bistro Blanc.  (Gorelick also listed Grace Garden at #23, and I claim that as close-enough to Howard County, along with Catonsville Gourmet that was #5 and all the Burtonsville spots.)

Lists mostly serve to start discussion.  My 2010 Best Restaurants post basically overlaps the cheaper end of Gorelick's list.  I add Bon Fresco and Maiwand Kabob, which are both counter service.  I add House of India, but Gorelick mentioned them in the Mango Grove description.  As I consider a 2011 list, I keep thinking about Pure Wine Cafe.

Anyone else have an opinion?


Anonymous said...

Why is Aida Bistro not on the list. In my opinion, they are the very best restaurant, not only in Howard County, but also the entire area!!

HowChow said...

@Anon - It is #10 on Gorelick's list.

It isn't on my list because I have gone twice and never been able to take a picture. ;-) It's pricey for us, and I keep wanting to go back.

Ken Oh said...
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Ken Oh said...

I'm always sad that Johnny's Bistro never makes these lists. His specials and even his everyday menu items go largely undervalued. Maybe because they're under-priced and go without a lot of the pretense that a "best of"-worthy place usually has.

Another thing that makes me lose confidence in a list like this is when Rumor Mill makes its way onto it. As someone who lived on Main St. for 4 years, therefore kept on giving Rumor Mill's food just one more chance over and over again, I feel confident in stating that the place is good for nothing more than drinks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ken Oh. Johnny's is really terrific, especially his house coleslaw. I always steal my husband's portion!

Kathy McC said...

Rumor Mill and Victoria's are both highly overrated. I am wondering why Stanford Grill didn't make the list. Their food is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Donna's is the best. Never a bad meal.

Ken Oh said...

@Kathy and Anon - I'm glad to see I'm in good company here. My fiancee thinks maybe the owner of Rumor Mill is savvy to the critic scene in the area, so he knows whose ass to kiss.

Also, been meaning to try Stanford Grill. Will definitely try it as well as Donna's.

blogonaut said...

Having eaten at 10/18, I largely agree with the list. I have been to Rumor Mill twice - once was great, once lackluster, but I'd be inclined to go again.
I would not put Great Sage so high either - a lot of their food wouldn't appeal to a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Victoria Gastro Pub is overrated and it is a shame that Johnny's Bistro gets overlooked. He is one of the nicest, most talented chefs around.

ziyed said...

Agree that Johnny's bistro deserves to be here, especially over garbage like el azteca and asean bistro