Saturday, February 26, 2011

Link: R&R Tacos In Wall Street Journal (Really!)

R&R Taqueria made the Wall Street Journal -- the last entry in a "Food and Drink" summary of tacos in gas stations.

Katy McLaughlin wrote up tacos from Texas, Georgia, Portland and Elridge.  Whoops.  Elkridge.  You need to hit up R&R at the Shell Station at U.S. 1 and Rte 175 in Elkridge.  Click for all the HowChow posts on R&R Taqueria.

Thanks to Marty Katz who posted a link on the HowChow Facebook page.


John in HoCo said...

Better not make the lines longer!

The last time I was there a customer was telling me to get the sopes al pastor. I may have to try it this time, though it will be tough to not get my usual order of tacos.

bonny said...

Great food, nice hard working people. They deserve the recognition and the lamb tacos and lamb soup are super.