Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Apricot Paste At Nazar, Super Grand, Etc.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with dried apricot paste, so I have been slicing off chunks and eating it by hand.

Imagine adult fruit leather.  Apricots, pureed and then dried into half-inch-thick sheets with a little sugar.  It's sweet, chewy, and a dessert that tastes like fruit not candy.

My first sheet came from my father's client who brought it home with him from Turkey.  That's how I noticed it for a few bucks at Nazar Market in Columbia and at the Super Grand in Laurel.  It lasts for weeks in the fridge, and I use a big knife to cut chunks that I eat by hand.

Now, I have to figure out some other uses.  Chowhound suggests rolling the paste into chicken dishes.  Another Web site says people make a drink by melting it into boiling water.  These folks talk about using it in French toast and hamantashan.

Whatever you do, it's definitely something to pick up if you check out Nazar, Super Grand or (I assume) Caspian Market in Ellicott City -- a little exotic, but basically a sweet staple that will lasts for weeks in your fridge.  They're bringing the world to your door, so cut yourself a piece.


Anonymous said...

A Brazilian/Puerto Rican treat that seems similar is guava paste. It is typically spread on crackers and served with cheese. Brazilians call it Romeo & Juliet.

cr said...

That's so funny, b/c I saw it there and contemplated buying it just to munch on like a fruit roll up. I decided not to buy it, but now I'm wishing I did!

Anonymous said...

I just eat it straight. Can't get enough of th stuff <3