Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SnowBalls is open in Clarksville

The Snowballs stand in Clarksville opened this weekend, and 2010 appears to be another excellent year for artificial color and flavor.

I went lemon and blood orange in my first snowball of the summer.  Mrs. HowChow went black cherry.  Not as cherry natural as Rita's, but they were both nice ways to cool off after a day of gardening chores.

They'll just get better as the summer gets hotter.

The Snowballs stand is outside Kendall Hardware on Rte 108 in Clarksville.  Watch the line.  We arrived when only one teenager was working, and it took more than 20 minutes to fill orders for the three groups in front of us -- okay, the two groups in front of us and the teenager who obliviously cut in line to order a giant snowball with Nerds.

If you like snowballs, you need to check out at least the Snowball Stand in Woodstock and Pete's Snowball Stand in Columbia.


Sillil said...

I prefer the snowball stand in Elkridge on US 1, near the Super Fresh. The snowballs are cheaper, and you can also get an ice cream cone.

Eric said...

Are snowballs a "southern" thing? I grew up on the other side of the Mason-Dixon line and I've never been able to figure out the interst in eating ice.

MaybeKathy said...

According to wikipedia (so it must be true), Baltimore is well known for its snowballs. I believe the part that says Egg Custard flavor started here. I've never seen that flavor anywhere else.

Eilene said...

Don't forget about Pepperjacks in downtown Scaggsville. They have snoballs, ice cream and subs.

Jenny said...

No, not a "southern" thing, just a Baltimore thing. I moved here from NC, and before I got here I would have said "snow cone" and I would never, ever, have expected to be offered marshmallow creme on it or an egg custard flavor. I'd also never seen a stand selling solely snow cones, just could find them sometimes at fairs.

Since this is my first comment on HowChow, though, I'll just take this opportunity to say how much I've learned here. Thank you!