Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Second Chance Saloon Gets A Big Recommendation

Second Chance Saloon in Columbia gets a recommendation from the chef at Oceanaire Seafood Room, Harbor East joint near the classy top of the food chain.

Chef Benjamin Erjavec told Laura Vozzella of Dining at Large last week that he goes to the Second Chance Saloon in Oakland Mills Village Center after work or on his days off.  He apparently lives nearby.  One of the owners says he favors the Old Bay wings.

Anyone else know where professional chefs eat around Howard County?


jessiex said...

not that i have such a widget myself, but i'm thinking you'd do well to add 'tis a free widget and it allows people to share your content: tweets, fb, emails and such. something to consider.

Mo said...

Awesome! I love the old bay wings, too. :) Glad to see that a neighborhood favorite is getting some extra press.

Unknown said...

With so many people raving about SCS's Old Bay wings, I guess I'll have to try them out.

Linda of HoCoHangover