Monday, January 12, 2009

Help Me: Best Seafood and BBQ

What is your favorite place for seafood and meat? I'm posting about "What I've Learned" to collect the best of Howard County food.  (See here.)  I'm asking for help, and I'll incorporate comments in the upcoming posts:
  • Where do you get the best seafood in Howard County? Best restaurants? Best markets? What is a good deal?  What delicacies are worth every penny? Where do you get crabs?  Do you know any hidden gems like Boarman's crab cakes?
  • What are the best restaurants for meat -- BBQ, pit beef, kabobs, etc.?  I love Kloby's smokey ribs and Maiwand Kabobs kabobs.  Where do you go when your carnivore comes out?  (I'll make a separate request about burgers next week.)

1 comment:

5179 said...

Sonoma's Bar and Grille in Columbia has the best king crab legs on Monday and Tuesday!