Friday, January 9, 2009

Fatburger -- To Open Monday?

Many signs say that Fatburger will open on Monday, January 12.  (Update:  It's open.)

Everything broke while I was out of town. Mrs. HowChow even drove past on Wednesday night and called me in Florida to say the Fatburger was full of people in uniform who looked like they were training.

Thanks for the anonymous comment about Zeus Brown's radio appearance announcing the January 12 opening, but the scoop goes to Wordbones, who posted Tuesday. I read Tale of Two Cities on a phone and couldn't figure out Blogger from there.

I hope that eating the burgers is as amusing as it has been tracking the opening!


Anonymous said...

It's official. Fatburger is open!

Anonymous said...

Any special grand opening discounts today - free burger, perhaps????