Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Maple Lawn Turkeys -- Local Birds

Today, the Iager family of Maple Lawn Farms starts taking orders for their free-range turkeys for Thanksgiving.

I have never actually had a Maple Lawn turkey because Mrs. HowChow and I go north to her family for Thanksgiving. But the turkeys are famous. People who have never visited the new Maple Lawn development have gotten their holiday birds at the old Maple Lawn Farms. The Iagers sell them fresh during the holiday seasons and frozen for the rest of year.

According to this feature from Howard County, the turkeys arrive as day-olds at Maple Lawn starting in June and live at first in an incubator and then as free-range birds.  They sell through Whole Foods, My Organic Market and David's Natural Market.  But you can also order your own for personal pick-up!

You email in your order now and pick up later. Turkeys range from 10 to 43 pounds. That's enough for a school, let alone a family. The Iagers say that fresh turkeys cook more quickly. They have cooking instructions on the Web.

If you pick up a turket at Maple Lawn, consider driving a little farther out Rte 216 for the sausage at Boarman's.  For a post about turkeys, check out D.C. Foodies for a 2007 item about turkeys, including Maple Lawn.

Maple Lawn Farms
11788 Scaggsville Road (Rte 216)
Fulton, MD 20759

NEAR: The farm is on Rte 216 west of Rte 29. The Maple Lawn development is built on the farm's eastern edge. Drive past Maple Lawn and look for the farm on the right.

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