Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trapeze Closed in Fulton

Trapeze closed this weekend. The restaurant had been one of the mainstays of Maple Lawn in Fulton, but there was a post Sunday on Chowhound saying that it appears to have closed.

I drove past around 6:30 pm Sunday, and Trapeze was completely dark. It looks closed. The parking lot that Trapeze shares with im Wine is often full, and it held just a handful of cars. I also heard from someone who had been told that Trapeze was closing. (Update: Now it has been confirmed in print.) Really, a bummer. I don't want anyone to lose their business or their job, and Trapeze has been a nice local joint and a distinctive place for Howard County. (Plus, I still have a gift card!)

Things are definitely tighter for restaurants. Oz Chophouse across the street from Trapeze has stopped serving lunch and now does dinner only. But there is a new pizza/pasta place in Maple Lawn called Pasta Fresca (more later) and a Japanese steakhouse called Ginza of Tokyo is coming on Johns Hopkins Road a few miles away.

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billz said...

Sad news, if true. The web site is still up and running, fwiw.

wordbones said...


Mama Wordbones and I dropped by there last night. It was buttoned up tight with lights off at 6:30 PM even though the posted hours said it should be open.

I'd call this one a goner.


Anonymous said...

I am/was a Trapeze employee. Yes we are closed. The staff found out 11:30 Saturday night that they no longer had their jobs. Absolutely no warning or lead time whatsoever. In addition when the staff questioned management about the rumors that we were closing we were repeatedly assured that we were not and encouraged not to look for other jobs. I think the moral of the story is clear.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the Looney's Pub guys have already been down there checking things out..what a great addition it would be..

Anonymous said...
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