Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Delicious: Ginger Beer at Julie's International Market

Royalty Ginger Beer is the British cousin of ginger ale -- the tougher cousin with more flavor and even a little bite.

This is soda, not beer, at Julie's International Market and other markets that cater to West African and Jamaican crowds. Strong flavor, including real ginger root extract. This British soda is an easy treat, a fun way to inject something exotic or new for a meal or a party.

(Update: Julie's appears to have closed in May 2009.  You can get the ginger beer at Laurel Health Food and other places.)

Check out this Chowhound topic for more advice about ginger beer. For real beer, you should check out The Perfect Pour just down the road from Julie's.

Julie's International Market
6520J Old Waterloo Road
Elkridge, MD 21075

NEAR: Julie's is in a small shopping center near the Food Lion on Rte 108 just up from Rte 175. When you pull into the Food Lion, steer left to the shopping center that also has a Chinese restaurant, a pizza place and a thrift shop.

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