Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sushi Buffet Has Returned To Rte 40; Bean & Burgundy Is Adding Lots Of Fish To The Menu

Bean & Burgundy Bread has added fish to the menu -- an all-you-can-eat sushi lunch that started last month and runs on special through May.

Check out the Bean & Burgundy Facebook post.  I haven't tried the fish yet, but Chris was nice enough to highlight the buffet to me.

I mourned the loss of Kimko Seafood's lunch buffet when it closed on Rte 40 a while ago.  I have to admit that my sushi eating has tended more towards Sushi Sono than all-you-can-eat.  But there is fun in gorging, and it does make for a talkative, extended lunch if you check it out with friends.

Katie posted Tuesday on the CupcakeRN blog about her visit to Bean & Burgundy.  She reports that the buffet had everything from pasta and Korean food to the 20+ sushi options.  She says the fish to rice ratio was decent, and the sushi was tasty.

May promotion is $13 per person with a free drink.  After May, it will be $13 during the week and $15 on weekends.

What have people found at the Bean & Burgundy sushi buffet?  Any recommendations?  What else have people liked at Bean & Burgundy?  I have been infatuated with the new Tous Les Jours on my few recent trips to Rte 40, so I haven't stopped at Bean & Burgundy recently.


Jim S. said...

I don't tend to do all-you-can eat Sushi since either the food sits a little long for me to be comfortable or it usually tends to not be good.

I personally don't think you can beat the lunch special at Nari Sushi in Kings Contrivance village center. 10 pieces of Nigiri sushi, 1 roll, edamamme, soup, salad and hot tea for $10. You can pick any combination of 10 Nigiri off the lunch listing and any single roll. Of course the lunch listing has less options then their "normal" listing but there are still lots of options.

kam said...


Holy crud, I need to try that; it sounds awesome.


Kelley said...

Tried the buffet yesterday and LOVED it! They're pretty busy so you don.t really have to worry about food sitting too long. They have LOTS of korean hot food along with sushi. I tried Chapchae noodle that was made of potato which was surprisingly very very good. I highly recommend that you try howchow!!

dzoey said...

I too tried the buffet yesterday and was really impressed. The sushi selection was good and fresh and the Korean food very good. In addition there was a nice salad station with a good selection.

This is definitely worth a return visit. Even if you don't like sushi, the Korean food is worth the price.

Amy said...

Buffet really was't good. Probably 75% of the sushi dishes were empty during our entire meal. Service was nonexistent. And I really wanted to like this place. But $60 later, we left the buffet still hungry.

Anonymous said...

It appears that this restaurant has closed as a white banner hangs over the sign on the building announcing the grand opening of some sort of a Korean BBQ place.