Monday, October 27, 2014

David's Natural Market Appears To Be Getting Its New Home This Week In Wilde Lake's Center

David's Natural Market's new home in Wilde Lake
David's Natural Market is moving on up to the east side of the new Wilde Lake shopping center.

Moving day appears to be Thursday or Friday according to signs and talk at the organic grocery store in Columbia.

David's is a Howard County institution.  It is one of the centerpiece of the new Wilde Lake development. I hadn't been there in a while so I was stunned to see how much had been torn down and how much had been built.

The "old" market
The new store looks big, and I assume there have been all kinds of innovations in grocery store design since David's last renovated its old space.

From the signs, it looks like the Today's Catch seafood market will also get a new store in Wilde Lake. Does anyone know that timing or location? With Frank's closing in Jessup, Today's Catch is one of the few independent seafood options.

Congrats to David's. Lil' Chow and I came through for miso, and they were preparing for the move. I assume the Wegmans and Whole Foods have shaken up the local organic chains -- David's in Columbia, Roots in Clarksville, and Mom's in Jessup -- and I would love to see them all succeed.


Nicole said...

I hope they do well in their new location. They are offering meat from Wagon Wheel Ranch now. I am glad that they are sourcing locally as I think that is what will keep them competitive with WFM and Wegmans.

Trip Klaus said...

Nicole- Thanks for the info, I'm a big fan of Wagon Wheel and no longer go to Whole Foods because they abandoned their local sourcing, supposedly prefering some sort of sustainable products from Iceland. Great to know David's is using local, never been, now I will give them a shot.

Anonymous said...

Today's Catch never really closed. Just moved across from where they were a few doors down.