Monday, October 20, 2014

Asian Court's Dim Sum Brings Us Back, Makes Me Wonder What To Order On A Dinner Visit

Dim sum at Asian Court
The rolling carts at Asian Court bring around my favorite brunch in Howard County.  Now, I'm wondering what to check out at night.

With the loss of our beloved Red Pearl two years ago, Asian Court in Ellicott City is the dim sum options for Howard County.  That's not too shabby since it is probably the best dim sum option in the Baltimore region.

They do a good job, and they attract a crowd that looks like they know dim sum.  We work through dumplings, sticky rice, steamed pork buns, Chinese broccoli and another half-dozen standards.  I am still trying to figure out all the other options -- like soups, maybe congee, and the noodles dishes that I didn't see until I was full.

On our last trip, we brought my parents and filled a table with terrific items.  I love all the dumplings, especially the shrimp shu mai with sweet huge shrimp in a translucent wrapper.  I always order a vegetable plate to balance out the meat and dough.  The only disappointment were spare ribs that were just too dried and not flavorful enough.  I wish we had ordered the duck or roast pork instead.
Required dessert: Sesame balls

Can anyone suggest dishes to order off Asian Court's regular menu?

I have never eat there for dinner, but the quality of the dim sum -- and the flow of Chinese spoken by diners -- suggests that Asian Court should have something interesting on its regular menu.  Anything authentic?  Anything delicious?  I'd love any recommendations.

If you go for dim sum, don't be frightened away by a line at the entrance.  Asian Court is big, and it moves parties along.  No one studies the menu at dim sum.  They eat right away.  They turn tables.  On our last visit, the entry was packed, but we sat in 10-15 minutes.  You eat almost immediately.


Marcia said...

I have eaten there in the past. Daughter who lived in China for three years found it very authentic. We never were there for dim sum. BUT ... we found the smell of tires from the tire store next door to be too strong to enjoy the food fragrances. We haven't been back. Do you smell the rubber when you dine there?

Anonymous said...

We always order the clams & ground pork dish.

zevonista said...

Marcia, we've noticed that smell, too, when we sit against the wall adjacent to the tire store. But when we've sat at other tables away from that wall, we've not had the issue. If/when you go back, ask them for a table away from the right-hand wall...

asg said...

The last time I had dim sum there, everything left a weird aftertaste, as if the oil were old. I'll have to go back, as the best alternatives are Hollywood East and Oriental East, both of which are a bit far to drive in the morning.