Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beer Spots Expanding From Howard County East

The beer expansion continues -- this time out of Howard County into the east.

Look for a new spot from the Alehouse Columbia folks to soft open in Anne Arundel County as early as this weekend.  I don't know the exact place.  I got a nice tip, and I have this new reason why I can't track down all the details.  I'm hoping someone will add the address as a comment below.

Also, the Frisco Tap House folks are opening a second location in Gambrills.  It's the Village at Waugh Chapel development, according to a report in the Capital Gazette.  I haven't blogged about Frisco in years, but it's a really great spot -- one of the original locations for craft beers in Howard County.  The Columbia location is definitely worth checking out for beer and food.  The latest talk was that the Gambrills location is aiming to open in November.


Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that the new Ale House location is Park Tavern, in Severna Park.

Doug Evers said...

according to their FB page the new Ale House location in Severna Park, names Park Tavern, is:

580 Ritchie Highway
Severna Park, MD.

Here is their FB page:

Anonymous said...

Frisco has good beer, but the food is nasty. That's why we went only once and never again

Trip Klaus said...

The exact location for the new Frisco spot is:

2406 Brandermill Blvd
Gambrills, MD 21054

Anonymous said...

Frisco's went downhill when they changed the menu. I still stop by for an occasional beer now and again, because they do have a great selection, but they lost a part of who they were when they moved and gutted the menu.

Robin said...

I haven't always agreed with the changes that Frisco has made since their move, but I can't think of anything from the old menu that I actually miss, and I've loved several of the additions. The mussels are my favorite in the area, and I'll try them pretty much everywhere I go. The ahi tuna poke is also good, even if it might not make a meal by itself like the mussels do. I've also never gone wrong with the pastrami sandwich, which was originally on the special menu and made many people happy when it was added full time. It's nice that Frisco uses the specials as a way to test items before adding them to the menu, rather than just blindly making changes. For anyone looking to give the place a try (or a second try), the specials are a good place to start.

Trip Klaus said...

Park Tavern from the Columbia Ale House team officially opens Tuesday the 28th for lunch. Their opening food and drink menu is available on their website.