Friday, March 1, 2013

New Restaurants, Great Food, Top Sushi, Al Pong's New Trees And Other HowChow Comments

Anyone know when Tigi's will open?
Does anyone know what's up with the Highland Inn?  Melanie asked on the Facebook page, and I don't really know the timeline on the restaurant planned for Rte 216 by the owners of the Milton Inn.  What about Tigi's -- the Ethiopian restaurant coming to Ellicott City?

I'm hoping for someone to give us updates.  I asked this week about the Bean and Burgundy Kitchen sign on Rte 40, and Michelle reported that she knows the owner of what will be an upscale coffee and wine bar opening this spring -- not an Ethiopian restaurant.

That's not all you can learn from the comments.  EastCoastMatt and others told me how to eat water kimchi.  Thank heavens that I hadn't slurped it yet.  Folks recommended dishes at the new Sushi Tendou in Fulton, including the "nymph roll" (LisaBMrsS), jellyfish (kam), and "Boston roll" (mdfoodlover) -- although other folks had mixed reports and Kate talked up Asian Fusion Palace.

There are tons of recent comments worth checking out.  Here are a handful:


Marcia said...

A friend of mine had Renata make some little snacks for a party recently. Just as delicious as what I've gotten from her at Frank's!

Anonymous said...

Finally someone agrees with my about Smoking Hot Pit Beef. I live less than 5 minutes away and have tried it a few times since it opened. It was honestly some of the worst meals I have ever had. Last time I had pulled pork and it was all fat. The potato salad was unedible - the mayo tasted rancid, one bite and I was afraid to eat anymore. Our waitress reeked of pot, so we decided that it wasn't worth it to try again. Maybe all those nights we went were off nights, we don't go on weekends because it is too crowded with kids. We drive to Kloby's, it is a drive, but we know the food is good all the time.

Alicyn DelZoppo said...

I went to Sushi Tendou on Friday for lunch and I found it just okay. I had the miso soup, Yellow Angel Roll (Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Salmon, Topped with Mango) and I also had a roll with soft shell crab in it. They were pretty good but I was a bit under the weather and I neglected to get any Tuna rolls which are usually my favorite. I will give it another whirl.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the highland inn had some issues with capacity. They had posted one number but were only approved for a lower number. Things were halted and not sure if they had to start over with permits, etc.

EGKate said...

I just got a groupon email about Honey Pig Chicken, which you mentioned was coming when you posted about their dumplings at Lotte a few weeks ago. Apparently it opens on March 8th. I still have not made it to the new Lotte, but I think a trip is definitely in order!

kam said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't actually eaten the jellyfish at Sushi Tendou yet. I was just excited to have a local jellyfish option after the closing of Red Pearl. That having been said, when I do make it to Sushi Tendou, I will report back on the jellyfish. :)


bella said...

Tigi's Ethiopian Restaurant has opened already and is giving service to the public. Located right behind the Dunkin Donuts located near Normandy Dr. at Ellicott City, MD.