Monday, December 10, 2012

New Waffle Shop Opens On Frederick Road

Looking for waffles and coffee in Ellicott City?  There appears to be a new place on Frederick Road just west of Rte 29.

Adam found a new cafe that may to have the name "Waffee" or "Waffles, Coffee And Ice Cream" in the spot that used to be Comzy Time.  Adam -- who blogs at Option Pitch and Waffle Crisp -- says he noticed the new cafe near Oakey's Grill.
I walked in and they seem to be all about Belgian “Liege” waffles with combos for waffles, coffee, and Affogato (which, their flyer tells me, is Italian mascarpone ice cream and espresso).  And, in an homage to Howard County diversity only its residents can appreciate, the mixture of Belgian waffles and Italian coffee and ice cream is run by what looked to be an exclusively Korean staff.
Has anyone eaten at the new cafe?  MaybeKathy and Lintman, is this the place that you commented about?  Any know the right name?  We had another new waffle spot in the La Pearl waffle truck that has been driving about.  We need to try new stuff.


Emily said...

It is called Waffee. The Internet cafe is still in the back of the store. Have not eaten there, but I've heard great things about it!

Emily said...

Oh, and "Waffee" = Waffles + Coffee. Just because it took be a bit to get that part. (But I'm blonde, it happens) ;)

Anonymous said...

I stopped in a few nights ago to see what they were all about. I ordered a coffee while asking questions. The man behind the counter offered me samples of mascapone and yogurt. The affogato menu item seems intriguing and I plan to go back and try that soon.

KAB said...

I'm very intrigued, but does anyone know the business hours? No one picked up when I tried the number listed on Waffee's Yelp page. Of course, 11:00 AM could be a little early for the coffee and waffles crowd :-)

LintMan said...

Yes, it was the Waffee, next to the 7-11 on Frederick Rd by St. John's Lane that I wrote about.

It's maybe a little big to repost here, but the original post was here.

In short: tasty Liege waffles (offered only plain, as far as I can tell), the "ice cream" is limited to either mascarpone or one (currently unavailble) flavor of frozen yogurt. Plus a small selection of coffees and bubble teas. I'll definitely be back.

dzoey said...

I stopped in for a late breakfast last Saturday and tried the blueberry waffles and got a side of ice cream and a mango smoothie.

The waffle was very sweet, and while I have a pretty big sweet tooth, this was sweet enough to put it in the dessert category. The soft ice cream was not that sweet and it paired well with the waffle, though somewhat messily.

I wouldn't go back for breakfast, but if I felt like coffee and dessert after a meal, I would have no problems stopping by.

They could use some more toppings / accompaniments to go with the waffles since they are similar in function to dessert crepes, it would be nice to have a wider variety of choices.

They have a variety of tea and coffee, but since I don't care for either, I can only report there are many choices and they looked interesting.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it is now closed.