Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New "Garbanzo" Pita Chain Coming To Columbia

A new chain appears to be coming to Columbia with fresh-baked pita, falafel and schwarma -- according to a sign spotted by Lotsabogeys.

The sign near the Walmart and My Eye Doctor at Rte 175 and Dobbin Road says "Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill," Lotsabogeys reported.  It looks like a national franchise doing a Chipotle-style "build-your-own lunch" plan with Middle Eastern inspiration.

Anyone know the food?  Anyone know the timing?  Thanks to Lotsabogeys.

(Update: The Columbia Patch called the Garbanzo headquarters and has details, including a February 2013 opening date.)


Josie said...

I saw that last night! I was wondering when it would show up on here :)

Anonymous said...


Looks like they are a Colorado based restuarant branching out to Cal, NJ Md/DC and FLa.

Kabobs and Pitas

Anonymous said...

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill is an amazing fast casual chain, new to the restaurant world and amazing! They pride themselves on customer service and fresh whole food. They are really unique in that their food is legitimately healthy and made fresh everyday. Also lots of food for not a lot of. I make it point to eat there when I am in CO. so excited they are coming East. Highly recommend giving it a try!

Anonymous said...

Also they have kicka** hummus, falafel, and tabouli. Their veggie salad is awesome and they have everything clearly marked as vegan, vegeterian, and gluten free also very specific about marking allergy possibilities SO GOOD

Judith said...

The menu looks very limited. I would much rather see a Lebanese taverna.

Anonymous said...

Two of the comments above look like the work of a PR flack for Garbanzo.

HowChow said...

LOL. Those two comments looked suspicious to me as well. I don't know, but they looked close enough to Garbanzo corporate speak ("They pride themselves on customer service and fresh whole food.") that I questioned how I'd write about them in the future.

I don't mind PR folks. I get PR emails every day. I encourage poeple who work at restaurants to comment. I have loved the guest posts that a few owners/workers have written.

I just want people to know who is talking.

Don Sadowsky said...

(That was my earlier anonymous comment about the PR flack.)

You are being kinder to Garbanzo than I would. The commenter is posing as a regular diner saying how good the place is. That's more than us not knowing who is talking, it's downright deceptive. It gives me pause as to whether I would be willing to patronize a chain that employs people to lie on its behalf.