Monday, July 23, 2012

India, Italy And Korean-Topped Sushi: CrunchDaddy Recommends All Kinds Of Flavor

Trattoria Amore in Ellicott City
CrunchDaddy is about more than just popcorn.

The four new flavors came out last week at CrunchDaddy Popcorn, and Mrs. HowChow has converted fully to the peanut butter and jelly variety.  I was a bigger fan during the first sampling, but she defended the end of the sample bag last night.  She loved the flavor -- peanut better on the kernels and chopped grape jelly beans that made the sandwich flavor and give a chewy texture on top of the popcorn crunch.  Check out all the new flavors.

But man cannot live on candied popcorn alone, so CrunchDaddy has sampled file food around Howard County.  At my request, he has helped revive the "Trolling" posts that ran through last year.  People send me three paragraphs and a photograph -- recommending the dishes, restaurants or experiences that love in Howard County.  CrunchDaddy's first suggestions go around the world -- India, Italy and Japan:

House of India
If I worked close to House of India, I would probably be there for lunch at least once a week (or struggle to restrain myself).  Staples at the Columbia buffet include chicken tikka masala, palak (spinach) paneer, tandoori chicken, various vegetable curries (I prefer ones with cauliflower or chickpeas) and appetizers such as vegetable pakora, vada or samosas.  The naan bread is hot, fresh and tender, the food incredibly delicious and the wait staff attentive, especially with keeping drinks filled, which is appreciated when eating spicy food.  I suggest that you go hungry or even go on a weekend and make this buffet your main meal of the day.  You'll find it tremendously satisfying and a great value.

Trattoria Amore in Ellicott City does a great job with their pasta and pizza offerings in general, but in this post I am recommending that you try an item that frequently appears on their list of specials, "Tortellini Boscaiola."  This dish, which can be made by request as well, is cheese- or meat-filed tortellini graced with a spectacular cream sauce made with rosé wine and finely minced prosciutto ham. This sauce hits all of the yummy spots and will leave you using the garlic bread to mop up every last drop.  Trattoria Amore has also been known to use this sauce in a Veal Boscaiola special with a generous portion of veal medallions over rigatoni ... another spectacular use of this sauce.  Don't miss it! ( The Trattoria is in Dorsey Search at 4725 Dorsey Hall Drive.
Yama Sushi
HowChow has written about the outstanding quality of the sushi at Yama Sushi also in Dorsey Search in Ellicott City, but I made an unusually delicious discovery on a recent visit there.  One of the specialty rolls that I ordered was drizzled with a kimchi sauce, made (I believe) from pureed kimchi, deep red in color and incredibly tasty.  On a subsequent visit I requested some of this sauce as an accompaniment to their Crunchy Spicy Platter (spicy tuna, yellowtail and salmon rolls).  To my delight, the kimchi sauce took their already well-prepared sushi rolls to a new height of greatness!  I barely used the soy sauce and wasabi!  I mentioned to the owner that a sauce that good should become a regular offering on the menu, even if for an added cost... A great find!
I love Trolling posts.  I love getting different opinions.  I love hearing about places where I haven't been or finds that I haven't made.  You could email me one.  Scan all the Trolling posts.  You'll see some good ideas, and you should see that they're easy.  Click here for the 2010 post about the Trolling rules.


Anonymous said...

I've never been to Trattoria Amore, I'll have to check it out.

As I've said before Yama sushi is great, but after a couple of poor poor service incidents there, we only get take out.

House of India is good, but the customer service at Royal Taj makes it our choice. Plus it's closer so that helps.

Anonymous said...

When I'm craving a salty slice of pizza, I hit up Trattoria Amore, but other times I find it too salty. Does anyone else feel this way?

2 Dudes Who Love Food said...

Its funny that you talked about "Tortellini Boscaiola" because my (Charles) favorite pasta dish at the Trattoria is Rigatoni Boscaiola on the regular menu. You're absolutely right about the sauce. It’s downright mouthwatering. I love it. Any dish with Boscaiola sauce is defiantly worth trying. I’ll try the tortellini boscaiola next time I go to the Trattoria.