Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cayenne Pumpkin Seed Brittle At Sweet Cascades

Candy is hard.  You'd think that sugar and butter and nuts would always turn out something delicious, but Mrs. HowChow knows that you need skills (or a good cookbook).

The cayenne pumpkin seed brittle at Sweet Cascades makes the grade with our house's candy chef.  The brittle -- up on the counter at the candy store on Main Street in Ellicott City  -- comes crunchy and sweet.  That's crunch from the brittle, which makes all the difference because bad candy comes off sticky on the teeth.  Then extra crunchiness from the seeds.

Then comes a real punch from the hot pepper.  It's a good amount, but it's serious.  A spiciness that rises in the aftertaste, but doesn't come too strong.  That's adult candy -- or at least a candy meant for kids with serious taste.  Go crunch.  It's worth it.