Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where Are We On New Restaurants? Anyone Know Timing For Bon Chon In Ellicott City?

The first rule of Restaurants That Haven't Opened Yet is never mention Restaurants That Haven't Opened Yet -- even to say it hasn't opened yet.

If you break this rule, you end up with a wife who says, "I really want Bon Chon.  You mentioned Bon Chon, and now I want fried chicken."

It looks like we have gotten the new Columbia locations for Maiwand Kabob and Yogi Castle, but there don't appear to be chickens in the fryers yet at the Korean fried chicken place coming to Plum Tree Drive just off Rte 40 in Ellicott City.  At least, the store's Facebook page hasn't been opened 

I assume the power outage slowed everyone's construction.  But Bon Chon's Facebook page had mentioned the first week of July so let me know if you hear anything more.

People are leaving comments about the new Maiwand on prior posts like this one.  We actually haven't stopped there yet.


Mr. Cheap Eats said...

I mentioned this post to my wife and got the same reaction. Looks like I'm driving to VA to pick up some lunch.

jaime said...

This isn't exactly a new restaurant nor is it in HoCo but located in Laurel, not too far from Main Street is The Double Dipper Ice Cream Parlour & Cafe.

Hershey's Ice Cream - tasty!
Not sure if I can post my review from Yelp or not

LintMan said...

Isn't the Seaking/Pig Picker's BBQ right next to Serafino's on Plum Tree Lane? (I seem to recall mostly just houses on the rest of the street (besides the Shanty Grille.))

Is the Seaking closed/closing? I just takeout from there not too long ago.

Svicova said...

The door was open today and I peeked in. There is still much to do in there -- bare drywall, PVC pipes not connected to anything, electrical wiring sticking out, etc. It will be a while before they can open. Unfortunately for them the first thing that greets you as you get out of your car is the smell of the trash at the back of Sea King across the parking lot. Seafood restaurant trash at 90degrees ain't pretty.

Brian in EC said...

Not sure if this was already noted somewhere on the blog, but I noticed that in the St. Johns Plaza @ Rt 40 & St Johns Lane, the Frostberry sign is down, and a SweetFrog sign is up. Signs in the windows say 'Opening Soon' but I didn't get close enough to see a date.

MaybeKathy said...

While we're talking about new restaurants, has anyone heard an opening date for the new Alehouse going in where Rocky Run used to be? They are posting all over FB but no hint of a date anywhere.