Monday, November 7, 2011

Pistachio Pizza At Facci Ristorante

Facci on Johns Hopkins Road has expanded the menu along with the space inside, and it just gets better.

The new find:  pistachio pizza.  That's Facci regular pie topped with great ricotta cheese and the flavors of the charred crust, paper-thin red onion, pistachios and rosemary.  It's unique, and it's delicious -- even after it's driven home.

As takeout, the pizza and an arugula salad made a great dinner.  They'll just be better when we can eat at the restaurant next time, ready to try risotto and the pastas that we hadn't seen on the menu before.  For some reason, Mrs. HowChow got in a pattern of house-made ravioli with pesto, so she hadn't looked for new items when she went with friends.

Has anyone tried the other new pizzas?  There is one listed with clams and other seafood?  And another topped with fries?  Really, fries?


Amber F. said...

We ate there for the first time a week ago, and found both pizzas to be inedibly salty. My husband had the Campagna, and I had the Savarese. Has anyone else experienced that in their pizzas?

My mother-in-law had pasta, which she seemed to enjoy. I think if we went back I would stick to the pasta menu.

RDAdoc said...

I also tried the pistachio pizza recently & enjoyed it. It's my 2nd favorite next to the broccoli rabe one.

Amber- On a couple occasions I've noticed the pizza has been a bit too salty but not as bad as your experience. I always get the argulette salad which is delicious.

P90 Noir said...

One time when I had the Campagna (my favorite) it was a little salty and a little soggy. Every other time, the food has been perfect.

I didn't realize they were doing carry-out now. I'll have to give it a shot in the coming days/weeks.

hoco connect said...

I hate to admit it but I tried the french fry pizza. I knew it was risky but I am someone willing to try something once.

What a great way to ruin a pizza. The fries were soggy and mushy on top of an otherwise good pizza. I had a few bites then picked off the soggy fries and just ate the pizza.

It did make me think of trying Thrasher fries on top of Grottos pizza the next time I am in Rehoboth. I always have to choice which I want for my meal on the Boardwalk and now I will just try them together.

chris said...

I haven't tried their pizzas yet. But on the pasta end, I love the baked ziti and the ravioli verde. That pasta sauce is amazing!