Friday, November 11, 2011

Links: More Pizza And A Thought On East Moon

There are lots of good voices about food in Howard County.  If you're looking around, remember the reviews on Patch, where Jackie Gonzalez-Feezer just reviewed the new East Moon Asian Bistro on Rte 108 in Ellicott City.  And, of course, there are blogs -- like zachpund who was talking up Coal Fire and asking for favorite pizzas weeks before I got on the same kick!

As always, check HowChow's right column for blogs and Twitter feeds with local food content.  You'll find different opinions, like the 2 Dudes Who Love Food.  That young collective of reviewers just hit by Chevy's in Arundel Mills and Tutti Frutti in Ellicott City.  (If you're the one paying for these reviews, you better watch out when the boys want to go back for "by the ounce" frozen yogurt.  My brother and I could have broken a credit card socking away brownie-covered ice cream.)

While you're looking around, check out Jackie's La Casa de Sweets blog and its effort to raise money to fight famine in Africa.

Please email me with new blogs or Twitter feeds.  Sometimes, I can link to a blog if it uses tags to group the food posts.)

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Jim S. said...

We went to East Moon for the fourth time (5th if you include a carry-out) on Sunday. It was the first time we went on Sunday. I don't know if they have a different staff on Sundays or what but it was the only time we had a bad experience there. The waitress was pretty inattentive, literally threw a silverware bundle at us at one point, as if it was our fault there was no silverware on the table. There was only 4 tables in the entire restaurant taken so she can't blame it on being busy. Most of the Chicken Satay was burnt. Since it was for our kids we didn't notice it until most of it was gone, but my 3 year old wouldn't even eat it and he isn't that picky. We now know two meals that are pretty flavorless, the Pad Thai from our first carry out experience and now the Thai fried rice. I personally have never seen a Japanese style fried dish with such heavy batter on it. Out of 6 meals the only good things were the sushi and a Mogo Gai Pan dish. If this had been our first visit we would never go back. They need to improve consistency.