Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Link: Looney's on Dining @ Large

Lunch at Looney's is the subject of a guest post from John Lindner on Elizabeth Large's Dining & Large Blog.

The post is hilarious, and funny enough that you should read the original flow instead of an excerpt here. Not exactly a Valentine. But Lindner says a better bun and some better service could bring Maple Lawn's pub and music spot to above average.

I'm pulling for Looney's although I have not visited yet. They just started to serve Sunday brunch. And you can read other reviews of Looney's at this earlier post.

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wordbones said...

Mama Wordbones and I visited Looney's Maple Lawn on a Sunday afternoon in April. We were just stopping in for a beer and maybe an early dinner. We sat at one of the bars and watched as the bartender chatted with his buddies completely ignoring us. Finally, another bartender (she said she was the sister of the other bartender) came over and took our drink orders. The first bartender never said a word to us (he continued talking with his friends the entire time) until we asked for the check. Needless to say we didn't stay for dinner.