Thursday, May 28, 2009

Indian Supermarket (Food Cravings?) To Replace Julie International

Julie's International Supermarket has closed in Elkridge and will be replaced by an Indian market, according to the Pizza Blogger who sent me an email last night.

The PB visited Gateway Pizza & Subs for his blog and noticed people renovating the store. The contractors inside estimated that it would open in two or three weeks. If you check out the truck in the PB's photo, it says "Food Cravings Inc." in small letters. Coincidentally, that is the Columbia Indian market that I had already written about for this morning. I assume they're expanding, not closing the Columbia store because I was there last weekend and saw no signs.

Gateway Pizza and the new Indian market are in a small shopping center near the Food Lion on Rte 108 just up from Rte 175. When you pull into the Food Lion, steer left to the shopping center that also has a Chinese restaurant and a thrift shop.

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