Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mimi's Kabob in Clarksville

One test for a sandwich is what you do when its sauce starts to drip down your leg.

When I say "your leg," of course, I mean "my leg" because Mrs. HowChow wouldn't eat a sandwich that dripped on her leg.  But I stopped at Mimi's Kabob while driving home from errands.  I ordered the chicken kabob, and the sauce started to drip as I munched on the ride home.

The Mimi's Kabob passes the test:  I wiped off my jeans, but then took another bite as I pulled into the neighborhood.  Juicy white-meat chicken.  Crisp, warm tandoori bread.  Vegetables, and a creamy, slightly cheesy sauce that really made a terrific sandwich (and which cleaned up easily).

Mimi's is a casual Afghan restaurant along the lines of Columbia's Maiwand Kabob.  Appetizers like aushuk, bowlani and pumpkin.  A clay oven to create tandoori bread.  A menu that runs through chicken, beef, and lamb kabobs and ends with a few Afghan desserts like rice pudding or custard.  At lunch, there are even pizza and sandwiches.

This is a friendly place.  When I didn't want a soda, they let me swap out the drink for some pumpkin in the lunch special.  The pumpkin was good, although less tender than Maiwand Kabob.  Mimi's actually has more seating that the Columbia Maiwand Kabob.  

If you like kabobs, check out Maiwand Kabob in Columbia or Parsa Kabob in Elkridge.  If you are in Clarksville, definitely check out Great Sage for vegetarian food or El Azteca for Mexican.

Mimi's Kabob
12345 Wake Forest Road (Rte 108)
Clarksville, MD 21029

NEAR:  This is a block south of Rte 32 on Rte 108.  It is a shopping center on the east side of Rte 108, and the entry is from a side street, so you need to turn just south of the shopping center.  This is a great place to stop if you have been shopping at Roots Markets farther north on Rte 108.

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Doug S said...

Thanks for posting about this place. I stopped there the other evening and had the kofta and chicken kabobs. I was absolutely stuffed by the end of all of the food. The kofta was a little spicy for me (I'm a huge wimp!), but the rest of it was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

We eat here regularly and really enjoy and recommend it. The food is always fresh, tasty and inexpensive, and the restaurant and staff are family friendly. We love the chicken kabob, pumpkin with meat sauce and yogurt, bread, samosas, hummus and homemade baklava. We feed our family of 3 for $21. Check it out!

Kristi said...

Mimi's has great sides and their kabobs are just as good as Maiwand. Their potatoes and peas side is well seasoned and it's perfect with the chicken kabob. I also like the atmosphere better here, since the dining room is larger and the staff is really nice.

Unknown said...

Mimi's is awesome. I've been eating there for over a year. I know that Maiwand is well liked, but after several meals at Maiwand, I have to profess that I prefer Mimi's. The staff is friendly and the food is tasty & satisfying.

Anu Razdan said...

I have been going to Mimi's more than 3 yrs.Service & food is good when MIMI is there.I enjoy my dining there.