Monday, November 3, 2008

Is Fatburger Open?

A commenter using the spectacular name "nuttyturnip" posted on Saturday that the Fatburger permits are off the windows and there was a sign about deliveries. Has anyone seen it open???

(Update: On November 25, 2008, I posted about a guy working at the Fatburger, who said it would open in mid-December. Click here for all Fatburger posts.)


billz said...

Not yet; I went by today. The sign on the door says for deliveries to be made next door to Mama Lucia's. So maybe soon...still?

Paul! said...

I went by today... no luck yet. So much for the two week warning I received about a month ago.

There were a bunch of boxes laying around today when I peeked in. Looked like a bunch of restaurant equipment.

Hopefully soon!

Anonymous said...

Sigh...I need some stuff at Trader Joes, and I had hoped they'd be open on Friday. The wait continues.

Anonymous said...

To update, I stopped by tonight. There's nothing in the windows now except for the construction company's sign, and the door is padlocked. There are still quite a few boxes and junk lying around, so I'd say we're still a week or more away from opening.