Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No Liquor At Wegmans? The Liquor License Request Seems To Have Been Withdrawn

No Wegmans liquor for now, but here comes barbecue
For now, there isn't an active plan to open a liquor store at the Wegmans in Columbia, according to a Baltimore Sun article that came out while I was on hiatus.

In August, I had flagged the liquor license application filed by The Loft Wine & Spirits.  In November, Amanda Yeager reported that the application was withdrawn because of a zoning issue.  Apparently, the county says a liquor store isn't appropriate there.

Reading between the lines, it looks like folks are tussling behind the scenes.  I'm sure Wegmans would like to rent that second-story space, and liquor store owners are pushing the liquor and zoning laws.  Does anyone know updates since mid-November?

But while I was nosing around the liquor board website, I came across some other tidbits about new restaurants, including the Urban Bar-B-Que that looks really close on Rte 108 near Snowden River Parkway and the Mission BBQ on Rte 40 that I'll blog about soon.  Here's fun stuff:
We had a few rare hours to ourselves for dinner, and I wanted Mexican. There's nothing good up our way, so we had planned on going to El Azteca in Clarksville.  Just out of curiosity, I fired up the Yelp app to see if there were any more options, and Los Compadres popped up with really good reviews.

Since it was so much closer, we decided to take a chance and I'm super glad that we did. Rommel, the owner, introduced himself and took us through the menu. It's mainly the standard fare, but they also had less common items like sopes and tortas.  My wife got three enchiladas with one each of pastor, carne asada and barbacoa.  I got chile rellenos.

I pretty much hold R&R as the gold standard.  If I graded R&R as a "10," I'd have to say that the food we had was a solid 8.5.  It was all very well seasoned and the flavor profiles were spot on.

The prices were very reasonable, with our bill coming in at $20.

I think the place is a real gem and deserves some good attention from the food press.
 Unfortunately, I think sometimes that the food press is evaporating around us.  I appreciate the Sun and WPost articles because they're becoming fewer and farther between.  I also welcome any reports on these new places in the comments below.


Matt Boyle said...

Home Slyce is open now. Its where Azul 17 use to be. I think this is their third Location other two are in canton in fed. 20 or so taps, and Pizza that is pretty good is not spectacular. definitely worth going to. Great for family and a nice bar too.

graciesmom said...

Yes, the Soccer Dome is on Montevideo Rd. not far from us. I've been there a few times, and I was surprised to see their request for a liquor license published in the paper.

kevlar51 said...

I don't think I've ever associated Urban with BBQ. Ah well.

There's a BGR Burger Joint going in next too it too in Shipley's Grant. Because that shopping center needed more reasons to not be able to find a parking space.

Also, the Starbucks there has a Clover (and a drive thru).

Alicia said...

Tried out Los Compadres last night since reading your blog post - great location for those out in West Friendship. Delicious and great service. Thanks for sharing the write-up!

Sherringham said...

Anyone have any idea what's eventually going to fill the five or so retail bays at 10000 Old Columbia Rd? A brand new building went up about a year ago right on the exit ramp from Route 32 to Eden Brook Drive. The whole building is still empty and there are no signs of any build outs for shops or restaurants. Looking for more info if anyone comes across any. Thanks!

Howchow, a big welcome back! You've been missed.

kam said...

Man, that seems awfully close to the BGR that's in Columbia Crossing, off Snowden. Or is the existing one moving?

Katie said...

Went to HomeSlyce for dinner last night. I agree with Matt's review above. I thought it was good and different than any other pizza place in HoCo, but not OMG AMAZING.

Eric said...

There is a dental office going in the Old Columbia Rd building. No sign of any other tenants at this time

Kristin said...

As a long-time Home Slyce deveotee in the City (back when we lived there) I was excited to hear that they were opening a Columbia location. Went for dinner on Saturday, and was pleased at the new location! Pizza and appetizers were delicious! (try the fried pickles and the pizza salad!) For the food network fans out there, Marc Murphy from Chopped was there with a large group!

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