Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rebirth Of Seafood In Jessup? Wild Seafood Appears To Be Filling The Old Frank's

A new retail seafood shop appears to be filling the space formerly occupied by Frank's Seafood in the Jessup seafood market.

Look for Wild Seafood at the near end of the market.  Dave Webb, a former manager at Frank's, is in the process of opening that store, reports Rob.  Some fish may already be on sale, but the official opening is slated for February 28.  Says Rob:
Right now, he is having a "soft opening," and he has a few things in stock. But, he will be up and ready to go full steam.... ahhh CRABS... ahead on the 28th.
The former Frank's Seafood closed last fall after being a Howard County mainstay for years.  They were my spot for oysters and steamed crabs.  The new Wild Seafood appears to be taking over the same space, which is just south of Rte 175 and a few blocks east of U.S. 1.  You need to show an ID to enter the Jessup wholesale seafood market, but anyone can buy at the retail store.

If you go to the new Wild Seafood, I also recommend stopping at My Organic Market, which is on Rte 175 just east of U.S. 1.  I've done well in the past shopping for fish or shellfish, then taking that inspiration to My Organic Market to buy my other ingredients.


Bclass7 said...

This is the best news I have heard in some time. I have been unsuccessful in finding a reliable source for seafood, though Green Valley did have US shrimp and MD crabmeat around Christmas. I am willing to give anyone who worked at Frank's a chance!

Anonymous said...

This made my day, no my week, no this made my winter! I really miss Frank's I'm happy something it finally re opening there

Anonymous said...

Was the reason Frank's close ever released?

Anonymous said...

This is great news. I will definitely be heading over to check this place out.

Rob said...

I went to the opening, it is even better than Franks was! They moved some things around and updated a few things, burt the seafood is fantastic, they had some amazing Oysters on hand as well as some beautiful Chilean Sea Bass! SO GLAD they will be here for Crab Season!

John said...

I just found out that Wild Seafood is opening where Franks was and I am very happy. The guy that is running it,Dave is a great guy and so very honest. I always liked dealing with him at Franks. I will be going there now that I know they are open. Congrats to Dave also.