Friday, December 19, 2014

Madame BBQ Has Joined The Food Truck Party, Bringing Lunch To Offices Around The County

Madame BBQ is a new food truck working Howard County, and she is sparking loyalty in hungry HowChow readers.

I laugh at how I once imagined paternity leave would include trips with Lil' Chow to lunch spots that my DC job kept me from trying.  Now, my job and the boy will conspire to keep me away from Howard County lunches, but you can enjoy the reports from readers like Dana and Lisa.

They both said that Madame BBQ and its chef Nikki McGowan show up with really good pulled pork, sandwiches, tacos and soup.  They're pleased that Madame BBQ shows up at all because they're in spots like Elkridge that don't have many other options.

That area is a "lunch culinary wasteland," reports Lisa.  Nikki actually came tino their office to talk about the truck.  Lisa has tried carnitas tacos and the "Todd" sandwich with pork, bacon and deviled eggs.  "That's deviled eggs on a sandwich, yes!" says Lisa.  "My co-workers also love the Todd and have also tried the tacos and the  pork cheesesteak which is sometimes on the menu.

Dana echoed similar happiness at having Madame BBQ pull up at her Deerpath Road office:
I’m not sure you could find a more delightful food truck chef than Nikki. She’ll tell you all about how long she’s had a food truck, how she’s learning what takes too long to make for waiting customers, and she does it all with one of the biggest smiles and friendliest personalities I’ve ever seen!
I’ve eaten there twice, and today I had what can only be described as the best smash-up of breakfast and lunch I’ve ever had. Hash with pulled pork, potatoes, and fried egg and topped with beer cheese soup and jalapenos. The beer cheese soup is one of those things on the menu that you will always hope for (and pray she hasn’t run out of by the time you get there)! She also has amazing pork tacos and sandwiches with unique ingredients (the Todd has pulled pork, bacon, deviled eggs and siracha pickles). 

The key to finding Madame BBQ -- like most food trucks -- is to bookmark their Twitter feed or Facebook page.  That's where McGowan updates about her location for the day.  Check the Twitter feed, and you'll see that she was worked outside Aerotek, offices on Broken Land Parkway, and offices on Coca Cola Drive.  They also worked the Jailbreak Brewery parking lot, which is a fun spot to eat and drink.

Thanks to Dara and Lisa for the photos and descriptions.  I really wish that I could stroll over one day.  Check out all my posts about food trucks -- and let me know if you have a special one that stops near you.


Anonymous said...

Although it's pronounced "siracha", it's spelled "sriracha".

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