Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Vietnamese Restaurant Appears To Be Coming To Ellicott City, Replacing Wild Cajun

 A new Vietnamese restaurant appears to be coming to Ellicott City.  See above that Lanny posted a photo on Twitter of a Viet Pearl sign covering up Wild Cajun.

Wild Cajun had been a relatively new Louisiana-style restaurant in the Lotte shopping center at Rte 29 and Rte 40 in Ellicott City.  I hadn't been, but I have to say that I'd love good Vietnamese food.  We get pho from An Loi and Pho Dat Trahn in Columbia.  But they are both more about comfort food than exceptional.

Does anyone know the story of Viet Pearl?  Has anyone tried the Vietnamese food there?


Junior Barnes said...

Here is the menu from their web site.

Looking at the last page, it looks like it's the same folks, who have changed their emphasis/menu.

Marcia said...

Vietnamese Bistro & Sport Bar? I didn't like the concept of Vietnamese Cajun, I don't quite like the combo of bistro & sport bar. Sounds to me like a place that just doesn't know what will sell so tries everything. Unless I hear rave reviews, I'll give this a pass.

Anonymous said...

I had no issues with the Vietnamese cajun, because, well, there is a huge Vietnamese population down there and I figured they'd be able to do it good(assuming of course they lived down there before)

Adam said...


Agree completely. If you've ever been to the Miss or Louisiana you know there are a ton of "mom and pop" places born from Vietnamese immigrants post Vietnam war which cook up great Cajun food. I did like the idea of a Cajun place though; more unique and not as represented in the area as the myriad of (albeit distinct) Asian restaurants.

Yaofu said...

I like Vietnamese, but I am not sure about sport bar. I am willing to try it though once it is set up.

egret said...

Yes I will be back. Friendly and attentive service including a thank you from the person I think was the owner or manager, as we left. Lemongrass chicken was delicious- fresh aromatic lemongrass, decent heat and a generous garnish of cilantro. The other dish was grilled pork with bun ( rice noodles) that we try at every Vietnamese place-- good. We were told the liquor license is coming in February; in the meantime it's BYOB. Lots of TV's for sports fans.