Friday, October 31, 2014

Howard County Weighing A Kitchen Incubator For New Good Businesses, Looking For Input

If you run a food business or are considering one, then take a few minutes to let Howard County know whether you could use the help of a centralized place to cook, store and meet other entrepreneurs.

The county is running a survey to gauge interest in a kitchen incubator.  Basically, an incubator would be a space that provides low-cost access to licensed kitchens and professional equipment so that people could start their own small businesses.

Navigating the health regulations are tough.  Getting space to cook and store ingredients can be tough.  The county is basically gauging whether there would be enough interest to warrant setting up some type of facility where people could cook and also get help with official processes.

You can answer the questions through Survey Monkey.  You can answer anonymously, but they do ask for contact information so that they could follow up or get back in touch if an incubator becomes a reality.


Anonymous said...

Would we be meeting the entrepreneurs before or after cooking and storing them? ;)

HowChow said...

@Anon -- LOL. I plead new toddler for that grammatical blunder. It's too funny to fix.