Friday, September 19, 2014

Huge Korean Festival In Columbia Saturday, And They Want You To Come For K-Pop And Kimbab

The Korean Society of Maryland is hosting a gigantic festival Saturday in Columbia -- making a giant invitation for folks to come for food, music and entertainment.

The party will be at Centennial Park, and they're bringing in some big-name entertainment and serving Korean food from 10 vendors, including Honey Pig.

Janene Holzberg wrote a nice piece in the Sun on the festival and on the generational change at the Korean Society.  Festivities run 10:30 am to 7 pm.  They even have two overflow parking sites -- all laid out in the Sun article.

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The Unmanly Chef said...

We went it was fun, since we were there early and not all the food vendors were set up yet (notably Honey Pig). But we sampled some of the spicy pork from a local church and it hit the spot.