Friday, May 2, 2014

Open Saturday: BricknFire Brings Pizza To Oella

Opening on Saturday -- BricknFire Pizza in Oella.

This is a second-generation place from the family who own The Breadery.  They have installed a pizza oven, and they're growing their own herbs.  Check out their Facebook page.  They're a stone's throw from Howard County just up the hill from downtown Ellicott CIty.

If you're thinking about pizza, you should really consider a walk on the path that runs from Main Street up past The Breadery.  You won't find a better light exercise than enjoying a walk up the forested path and enjoying the food at The Breadery and BricknFire.

I wrote about the walk two years ago.  Duane wrote this spring in the HoCo Connect blog.

Hat tip to CrunchDaddy of CrunchDaddy Popcorn who reminded me about BricknFire and mentioned the opening.  

BricknFire Pizza
418 Oella Ave
Catonsville, Maryland 21228
(443) 851-0676

NEAR: BricknFire and The Breadery are really easy to reach from Main Street in Ellicott City. Oella and Catonsville are right across the river in Baltimore County. You wind up picturesque Westchester Avenue and end up a few doors down from The Breadery.


dzoey said...

Tried to go on Saturday evening, but they close at 6pm. They're open to 8pm on Wed, but other than that, 6pm.
Saw the oven as we walked up the trail as it's outside the building. Hope to try it sometime for lunch.

Anonymous said...

ShopHouse, the Asian restaurant owned by Chipotle, is coming to the Mall in Columbia (probably in the new lifestyle area, since it will have outdoor seating). Permitting info here:

Anonymous said...

Maiwand Kabob in Columbia Crossing put up a sign that they're now serving an all you can eat lunch buffet! it says from 11 to 3pm on their facebook page. Has anyone tried it? How is the selection?

Anonymous said...

Lots of work going on at old 84 Lumber site on Route 40 in Ellicott City! Some kind of structure going up.

Adam said...

Yea dude its the Sonic.

Anonymous said...

omg if that maiwand kabob buffet includes Qabili Palau that would be amazing. Love that stuff.

According to this thread on reddit Maggianos opens on 6/9/14.

Marcia said...

At the Breadery yesterday, they post the schedule for BricnFire inside.

Anonymous said...

I ate at the buffet at Maiwand Kabob in Columbia.It's dark in there, and all of the hot food is presented in covered serving trays. Tasty,as it mostly turned out, but hard to see the contents of these serving trays or tell what you are getting into- none of the dishes are labeled! Please label the food! And, there was only one meat dish- I think it may have been beef. I also felt it was expensive (I think $15) for what was available. On the plus side, the salad material and all-you-can eat Naan were very good!