Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trolling: Bison Burger At Cacao Lane, Proscuitto Pizza at Coal Fire; Adam Hits The Half Price

Coal Fire's prosciutto cippola pizza
Friend of the blog Adam is back with some serious fun -- recommending a bison burger that I really need to try.  He and I are both fans of restaurant specials, and he talks up a pair of them for this week's Trolling post:
It’s great when restaurants host local social events. It’s also great when they cater awesome specials for those events.  For a few years now, Cacao Lane in Ellicott City has graciously hosted the local chapter of Theology on Tap, a weekly gathering that features a speaker on topics relevant to the faith lives of young adult Catholics. 
Cacao Lane discounts their burgers and sandwiches for those in attendance, and I took full advantage with one of the best bison burgers I’ve ever eaten.  I don’t say this lightly; I’ve had bison from dozens of restaurants out west, and have regularly bought local bison from Gunpowder Bison Co. in Monkton, MD.
Bison burger at Cacao Lane
Often times, the burgers are dry and uninspired, but Cacao Lane’s -- requested and cooked rare -- is juicy and flavorful.  Beefy overtones pair with a slightly gamey finish in the meat, while the patty is certainly helped by a sharp and tangy blue cheese.  I love the red onion jam they add, which gives a mellow and developed sweetness to counter the bold cheese and bison flavors.  The brioche bun is a nice touch of richness, as is bacon, which I made sure to add.  Not bad at all for six bucks!
Similarly, I love the pizzas as Coal Fire Pizza in Ellicott City, but I hate the price, especially given that their not the most filling pizzas.  Solution?  Happy Hour.  I love their half-price pizza specials, which take place 3-6 p.m. every weekday. 
Tucked into the small bar, it’s a great opportunity to meet and talk to fellow pizza lovers or run into old friends, as I did recently. Take advantage of the half price to get their Prosciutto Cippolla. The combination of the crisp, concentrated flavor of the prosciutto and the sweet roasted flavor of onion works perfectly on top of their signature sauce. The best part? Jut short of eight bucks after tax. 
There are some other great deals I hope to take advantage of soon, including Monday's half-priced burgers at Diamondback Grill in Ellicott City, two dollar off small bites at Pure Wine CafĂ© in Ellicott City as well, and happy hour specials at Alexandra's Restaurant in Turf Valley. Here’s hoping some loyal HowChow readers have more great suggestions!
Seriously, who else has suggestions for any weekly specials or happy-hour deals?  I have my eye on the half-priced Sunday burgers advertised by Ranazul in Fulton.  Adam and I would love other folks to join in.


Jim S. said...

Eggspectation use to have a GREAT happy hour, now it is just OK. Their happy hour is every day of the week and it use to feature half price house wine, beer, rail drinks and appetizers. Last time I was there it was no longer half price, now everything is lower but set prices on a special happy hour menu. Happy hour is in the bar area only (including bar tables.)

Adam said...

Does Eggspectation have a burger night? I read somewhere they did at one point on Tuesdays.

Jim S. said...

I know they use to, last time I was in the bar area was the first time I saw the new non-half price happy hour menu. They erased all the specials they use to have on the chalk boards. I was only drinking so I didn't look at the food specials to closely. I live pretty close to there so if someone doesn't post within a couple days, I will stop by.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Ranazul has added a daily $5 lunch special to their menu.

dzoey said...

Tino's has a Sunday night special of 25% off a bottle of wine for each entree ordered. Since we really don't drink much, we go for the food and take home a bottle of wine to gift or to use in cooking. As far as I can tell, it's a decent wine.

I'm glad to hear that Cacao Lane is still serving good food. It used to be our favorite place to go before we had kids, and then our tastes changed a bit, so we'll have to try it again now that the kids are teens.

Jim S. said...

Stopped into Eggspectation on Monday for dinner. Their happy hour specials are now advertised on flat screen TVs in the bar, so they can change them easily. But the specials as advertised are $3 off wines and well drinks, $2 off craft beers, $1 off domestic beers. Food/appetizers was either $7, $6 or $5 depending on the type of food. Didn't see anything talking about different specials on different days of week but didn't ask.

Anonymous said...

Eggspectations offers half price burgers at the bar on Tuesdays. But don't bother, the burgers are only average and served lukewarm by apathetic teenagers. They do allow you to substitute salad or mixed vegs for the lackluster fries.

Best Burger deal is the $8.99 box special at BGR near the Target. Burger, Fries and Fountain Soda for $8.99. Cheese is $1 extra, but food is made to order, always hot and very good.

Adam said...


Is that a weekday only lunch deal?

Jess said...

Burgers on Mondays at Kelsey's!