Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lotte Has A Food Court, But No Steamed Buns

New casual restaurant at Lotte in Catonsville
The new Lotte in Catonsville has become one of my favorite places for food, and they have already made changes to their lineup.

Out: The Honey Pig stands for steamed buns and fried chicken.  The chicken wasn't spectacular, but the steamed buns were really special.  I'm bummed.

In: A casual restaurant with Korean food.  It's like a one-counter food court.  It has an array of Korean dishes.  Can you recommend anything in particular?  On my last trip, I had to get home (and had a cart of perishables) so I didn't stop.

If you're looking at the new restaurant, turn around and look in the refrigerator cases.  Lottee had an array of panchan in deli containers.  You could pick from maybe two dozen side dishes like spicy radishes, lotus root, tiny fish, and more.  They looked terrific.  You could make a great dinner by buying seasoned bulgogi meat -- beef or chicken -- and then picking up some side dishes that catch your fancy.

Does anyone know if Honey Pig will re-try the steamed bun idea anywhere else?  Do they sell them at the Ellicott City restaurant?

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Kevin said...

I've heard that Honey Pig is going in next to the Panera in the Catonsville shopping center. Its taking over the spot formerly occupied by Champions Bar (I believe that was its name?).