Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Links: Review Of Tigi's, An Eye Out For Howard Mag, And A Class For People Who Want To Blog

I still haven't followed through on my plan to try the new Tigi's Ethiopian on Rte 40 in Ellicott City, but you can still get a blogger's take from HoCo Rising.

Tom and Jane chowed down on dishes that Tom said could have easily served two or three people.  We're both excited that injera has come to Howard County, and Tom says the food was delicious and an adventure.

If you like clicking around for local opinions, keep an eye out for the most-recent Howard Magazine.  It's a cool cover shot about O'mak Designs in Savage Mill that takes advantage of the mill's brick.  Inside, you'll find an article about the new Friends & Farms in Columbia that sells weekly food baskets that they fill by contracting with farmers.  You'll also see a feature on three great local food blogs -- Jackie Gonzalez-Feezer's La Casa De Sweets, Victoria Budich's The Soffritto, and Elizabeth Brunetti's The Bare Midriff.

Those three -- along with others -- appear in the blog list in the right column.  Most of us stumbled together through the HoCoBlogs connection, and I love that Nikki Gamer wrote these three.

If you have ever thought about writing a blog -- for fun or for business -- then you should consider a one-day class that will be offered twice in early June.  David Hobby is a spectacular blogger, a really smart thinker, and a really nice guy.  He runs the Strobist blog from Columbia, and he is running one-day classes on June 7 and 8 in conjunction with HoCoBlogs.

Blogging is hard.  It's great fun, but it takes far more time than I would have imagined.  For $169, Hobby will talk to you about how to think about writing and running the blog.  It's a bargain if you think a blog might help your business.  It'll be a fun day if you just want to blog as a hobby.  Or like a Hobby.

Please let me know if you see a link to the Howard Magazine articles.  I can't find the articles, and I can't figure out the magazine's on-line strategy.  I'm happy to link when they post on-line.


Anonymous said...

Is this the Howard Magazine pointer you were looking for? It's published by the Baltimore Sun. http://www.baltimoresun.com/explore/howard/publications/howard-magazine/

Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

Thanks for the shout out! I found the online version, but haven't gotten my hands on a hard copy of Howard Magazine. Here's a link to the online story: http://www.baltimoresun.com/explore/howard/publications/howard-magazine/bs-exho-howard-county-food-bloggers-share-recipes-and-adventures-online-20130416,0,1570284.story