Tuesday, November 27, 2012

La Pearl Waffles Truck Has Hit Howard County

La Pearl photo -- stolen from their Web iste
There is a waffle truck driving around Howard County, and you can track it on Twitter for a sweet hit of Belgium.

La Pearl Waffles is a three-year-old outfit that sells Belgian waffles.  Now, they have a truck, and they roll and cook to supplement a special-event and catering business.

Tomorrow, you can get waffles from 5 to 8 pm at 10611 Little Patuxent Parkway between Howard Community College and the Columbia Mall.  It looks like they have also stopped this month at Centennial Park, Best Buy, and some other spots.

The La Pearl Web site offers some delicious-sounding descriptions of the Belgian waffle and some boasts about how awesome and unique their waffles will be.  Sounds good enough to check out, although I can't be there tomorrow.  Track the La Pearl truck on the Web site or on Twitter.

Thanks to JoJo for the tip about the new truck in action.


Jordan said...

These waffles are really good, never had waffles like these. They are sweet & different than any other waffle I've had. Almost addictive, I already had a few :-)

MaybeKathy said...

Speaking of waffles... Does anyone know anything about Waffee, the new waffle, ice cream, and coffee place that just opened in the strip between Rita's and 7-11 on Frederick Rd and St Johns?

Sophie Belmont said...

These waffles taste just like the waffles in Belgium! Now I know I can go to the waffle truck & have a taste of home. For those that have either travelled to Belgium or are from there will recognize instantly that these waffles are the real deal. To those 1st timers...Bon Appetit!

Emily said...

Your link to their website isn't working. Not sure if it's incorrect or if their site is down.

Tim said...

I just went on their site & it works its lapearlwaffles.com or you can google La Pearl Waffles

emily said...

Just tried this place tonight. I have lived in Belgium and can vouch for the fact that these are exactly like the ones I loved when I was there. SO GOOD, and very authentic!

Hello! said...

I was able to chat with the lovely ladies running the waffle truck last night and learned that it is run by a mother and her four daughters. The mother originates from Belgium, which probably explains the amazing, authentic taste! Although not mentioned in the article, they are located in the parking lot of the Columbia Exxon & Columbia Waterloo sub shop on at the intersection of Governor & Little Patuxent. I think that is going to be eventually become their daily 5-8PM spot!

LintMan said...


I stopped by Waffee with my kids. The menu is fairly limited compared to a Starbucks or the T&J waffle truck. (I haven't tried LaPearl yet).

The waffles are the Liege type, cooked fresh while you wait. and are quite delicious. I'm not sure what "authentic" liege waffles should teste like, but these match the description - cooked from a dough, sweet enough to eat plain, slightly crispy on the outside. I had the Liege wafles at the T & J truck previously and they were pretty good, but not really quite like these. Unlike T & J or the LaPearl menu, Waffe doesn't seem to offer any toppings for the waffles.

I didn't try the coffee, but they seem to offer a smaller variety of coffee than the chain-type places usually do.

The ice cream on their menu is actually either frozen yogurt, mascarpone (a sweet cheese-based ice cream, I think), or something with espresso mixed with the mascarpone. The frozen yogurt was out of order "for the next week or two" so we couldn't try that. The nice man offered us all small sample cups of the mascarpone - my kids didn't care for it much; I thought it was OK, but would be better as a part of a desert (ie: on a waffle) rather than having a cup of this by itself.

Waffee also offers bubble teas, which I'd never had a chance to try before. There was green tea and some fruit flavors (served cold I think), but I ordered the special: Hot Milk Almond Bubble Tea. I liked the overall flavor, and the "bubbles" give an interesting texture, but they're large enough that I ended up chewing them and they're mostly bland, so it seems a bit pointless. If they absorbed more of the tea flavor it would have been much better.

Overall. I was very pleased - the waffles were tasty, much closer to my home and more regular hours than the T&J or LaPearl trucks. I'll definitely be back.

anita b. said...

I've tried several times to find this elusive truck.
are they on twitter?

HowChow said...

@Anita -- The twitter account is linked from the main post.

Sandra Davis said...

I have had the waffles in Clarksville as well as the waffles from Waffee (Being a Waffle lover in search for a real Belgian Liege waffle) although they are not bad, I have to say the La Pearl waffles have the best taste & taste exactly like the waffles I had on my trip to Belgium as I see other people have posted the similarity with La Pearl and having a waffle in Belgium. As their website states that “eating a La Pearl waffle is the same as eating one in Belgium” is accurate & I too can vouch for this! Taste is Excellent.

As for food trucks versus an actual permanent spot, I wouldn’t deem it fair to compare hours since the food truck industry stands on its own, and food trucks can tend to have limited hours due to a set of different restrictions, remember they don’t have it as easy as permanent spots do....but I think HoCo is growing in many ways and we should embrace food trucks as they do in D.C, N.Y and L.A…

I think some HoCo folks may not be used to the idea of food trucks but they are fun and different experience. The website does say that their hours are limited & I am pretty sure with time they will offer more open hours and possibly even expand. Every place has to start somewhere....but I would def say a trip to the La Pearl Waffle truck is worth it & you will absolutely taste a difference than other Belgian Liege waffle imitators.