Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Lost The Breadery To Catonsvile, But We're Getting Yogurt, Japanese & Renamed Turkish

One of the unexpected parts of HowChow has been how much people respond to restaurant news.  They click on it.  They even send some in -- through comments, emails and tweets.

I love it all.  These are some of the news items that I have picked up from folks:

  • The Breadery has moved from Ellicott City to Catonsville, Eric said in a comment
  • The Turkish restaurant in Columbia has changed named again.  Now, it's Kabob House, reports Morty Abzug.  This is place on Little Patuxent Parkway that start as Cazbar and became Turkshish.
  • There are signs for another frozen yogurt place -- this time in Elkridge in the new center off Meadowridge with Kupcakes & Co, says Kam and tweets LaCasaDeSweets.
  • There is also a sign for a new Japanese restaurant on U.S. 1 in Elkridge, according to an email from Mark.  He didn't remember the exact sign, but he said it was a Japanese place coming soon.
Send any news.  I can't post everything immediately, but I try to keep track.  Send photos!  Or click all the posts about Howard County news.


Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy said...

I went to the Breadery's new location and it's nice! If I had followed my GPS, lol, it would have been pretty easy to get to, just past old town EC, but I took a wrong turn and had a great adventure driving my suddenly huge minivan over tiny curvy roads.

kam said...

There's now a sign up at the Meadowridge frozen yogurt shop for Yogopop. Googling reveals a few sites in what I believe are Portuguese. I think this is a different Yogopop, though.