Tuesday, August 9, 2011

There Is Room In This Town For Both Of Us (Especially Because They're A Smaller Size)

The Howard County blog scene just got a taste younger when two brothers started their own look at local food.

The How2Chow blog kicked off last month.  They've checked out some local pizza and Clyde's.  The name is a bit close, but let's recognize that they're kids and celebrate the younger voice.  Go check them out.

(Update: The guys are changing the name of their blog, but they're upping the ante by making their own videoes.  I'm already getting outclasses by the new generation.)


Jen Blacker said...

Wow that's very cool. It's something to be supportive of. Kids eating well, eating real food, and being excited about it.

Cate in Columbia said...

The boys are having a contest to change their name as it is too similar to the "veteran" food blogger. How cool it is to have kids blogging about local foods! Its good to get a teen's perspective as I have teens of my own.