Monday, December 6, 2010

Frisco Tap House To Open Tuesday Or Wednesday

The new Frisco Tap House in Columbia looks to be opening Tuesday or Wednesday.

That's what the sign says, according to Lanny who posted a picture.  The former Frisco Grille is getting the final inspections done on its new Dobbin Road location.  For up-to-the-minute updates, check out the Baltimore Beer Guys tweets.


Sarah said...

The sign is up and the TVs were all on yesterday, so we thought we'd stop in for a drink and saw that sign, too. I'm sure we weren't the only ones doing a U-turn in that parking lot this weekend!

Mo said...

Thanks for the update! I'm hoping to check out the new place tonight

michelle said...

well they're open but i'm not sure they should be

we were big fans of the frisco grille - it was a little place but you could always get a table - the food was always good - the service always great and was always a choice that everyone could agree on

so we figured it would be great when they moved into a larger location and expanded the business - it's not

we went on friday night and the entire evening was a complete and utter disaster

first - there is not even close to enough parking - some people had to park across the street which on a cold dark icy night isn't great - dobbin road is not one that i would want to be crossing even in daylight

second - the wait time was ridiculous to get a table and the hostess couldn't even give us an estimate - although the big couches in the back were nice because at least we had a place to sit and wait (and wait and wait)

third - the service was horrible - they were either understaffed, overwhelmed or just inept but needless to say it was almost impossible to get our waitress to come over to the table especially when we really needed her

fourth - the food, oh the food - the buffalo burger was as close to raw meat as you could get while still claiming that it was cooked - there were giant pieces of plastic in the salad - the chicken on the bbq chicken had the most bizarre consistency ever so i'm not really even convinced it was chicken - after waiting at least 10 minutes to get the waitress to come over so we could tell her about the raw meat and plastic we were just done - they did comp the entire meal but that did nothing to solve the fact that we all basically had no dinner

fifth - while bigger (and supposedly better)- it was also insanely loud and cold - a lot of the tables are in direct line of the door so we spend the whole time getting blasts of cold air which was less than pleasant

i'm really bummed about the entire thing because we were all super excited about the expansion and after being loyal customers for so long were really hoping to be impressed - sadly i don't think we'll be going back anytime soon - and from some comments we heard from other people sitting near us we aren't the only ones

sorry this was so long but i figured i would post about our experience in the hopes that others that decide to give it a try (maybe after they've been open a while longer) will report back that they've resolved some of the issues so that we can once again have our local little go-to place back again

Robert said...

I am rooting for this place, but they are definitely off to a rough start. I had a larger party that was looking for a place to go last week and I emailed the owner. No response. Plus their website is out of date, not mention of the new location or beers on tap. I guess I could have called, but why have a website or a contact email?

At this point, I will wait until I hear some good reviews (other than from the Baltimore Beer Guy) before I give it a try.

Wino said...

No high chair for our 11 month old. They claimed it got "lost" in the move. They gave us a booster seat which did NOT work.

Our waters never got refilled.

It was freezing cold.

The little blue lights were too low, I hit my head getting up twice. I'm 6'3" so I'm tall but still...

The beer selections are on flat screens above the bar. No where else. I had to get up from my seat, walk to the bar, stand there and decide, then walk back to my seat, and remember what the hell I wwanted. :-/

Overall, was not too happy. Still don't like paying for chips/salsa but whatever.

Junior Barnes said...

Frisco Tap House is a LOUD (even on a Wednesday night) sports bar that also serves food. In case you were wondering, their risotto cakes taste like potato pancakes.

Morty Abzug said...

The Frisco parking situation has gotten worse. For a while, folks were parking along the edge of the parking lot opposite the shopfronts. But now there are signs that prohibit parking along that edge of the parking lot. I picked up my usual (chorizo burrito) from Frisco on Friday in the early evening, and the parking was dire.

I hope they do something soon about the parking situation.

Kat said...

We're regulars at the Frisco Taphouse (despite the fact that it's harder and harder to find a place to park), and I talk about that (and discuss their new menu items) here.

The quality of the service is heavily dependent upon your waiter/waitress, unfortunately. We've had really good and really bad experiences there.