Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Smokin' Hot Moving Indoors

Smokin' Hot and 'Q in Glenwood is taking the fire indoors.

Since last fall, Smokin' Hot has been a BBQ trailer operating the parking lot outside St. Andrews Episcopal Church.  Yesterday, I hear, they closed on a real estate deal to take over the space of a Glenwood restaurant that closed.

Look for Smokin' Hot to start taking customer soon in a soft opening with a grand opening later.

Smokin' Hot and 'Q (soon to open)
2465 Route 97
Glenwood, MD 21738
(410) 489-6001

I'm not naming the existing restaurant because I don't want to be mistaken about whether it has closed, relocated, etc.  I'm just pleased for Brett Arnold and the Smokin' Hot team.


FoodBooty said...

I heard that Vesuvio's is no longer in that shopping center

Trip Klaus said...

Years ago there was a BBQ hut at that shopping center before the Vesuvio or the other restaurant. Is Smokin Hot related to that original (which I remember as good)? I have never tried it at the church because I thought it was some sort of a church event like a pncake breakfast or pot luck dinner. I didn't realize it was a private enterprise open to the public.

Freemarket said...

I think the origninal was CJ's Beef Barn. I never ate there.

Brittany said...

Smokin' Hot is opening this Thursday. It's a whole new place--not related to the old BBQ that was there. The owner and chef is a member of that church but it's a private entity. Check him ou t!

Anonymous said...

Great food
surprise the crab cakes are wonderful

Anonymous said...

A lot of food items are very SMALL in the serving size(for the price charged)(not over priced, but need to give you more). Food is GOOD! Most of the wait staff is lacking in basic waiter/ waitress skills.(empty glasses for very long periods of time, forgotten appetizers....) I hope they are working the issues out since it is a new place. I wish them well! Nice to have a new place in the area.

Anonymous said...

We were there on a Sunday evening and the portions were very big for the price charged. We'll be back!

Anonymous said...

I live in the area and loved CJ's Pub, which was the original bar/restaurant in that location. Glad to go back to the original concept, even if the owners are not the same. LaCerna Grill and Vesuvio, the two restaurants that replaced CJ's, just weren't right for the area. I ate at Smokin' Hot on the opening night and keep going back. I never ate at the Smokin' Hot trailer, but the new Smokin' Hot bar/restaurant is a good fit. Good food, good prices, and good portions! Very friendly atmosphere with no pretense!

Anonymous said...

CJ's had good food, but the the owner treated his customers like they were a nuisance. Smokin' Hot has a good product, but they need to work out their issues with service, both front of house and back of house. AND find some teenagers to work the register who can accurately make change.