Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Drive-Through Starbucks Has Opened On Rte 108; Now You Don't Have To Stop For Caffeine

A drive-through Starbucks has open on Rte 108 near Coal Fire Pizza in Columbia.

(This post has been updated early Thursday morning with photos.)

Dave and I were emailing about the Starbucks in the Shipley's Grant development.  This is on Rte 108 just west of Snowden River Parkway and just off Rte 100.  Earlier in the week, there were signs that said the Starbucks would move across the parking lot to a new space with a drive-through.  Now, it looks like coffee is being poured.

Dave's wife now has a standing job offer to be the nighttime photographer for the HowChow blog.  She stopped last night after I posted and snapped a few shots.  Dave and I were both properly impressed:
I’ll give credit to my wife, she happened to be driving back late tonight and I asked her to stop by a take a few pictures of the new Starbucks when I saw your email. Selfishly, we are excited in that it is located about 1 mile from our house and frankly, much easier to get in and out of than fighting the traffic/intersection into Dobbin Center at that Starbucks drive thru.
On a related topic, Urban BBQ has announced plans to open in the same shopping center.   Dave and I were wondering if they'll replace the old Starbucks or go in next door to the new one.


Alan said...

Yes, they've moved. My wife says that by doing so, they've lost the pleasant outdoor seating area, though.

kam said...

Urban BBQ is going to be two doors down from the new Starbucks. I don't think there's a tenant for the middle spot right next to it yet.

My feelings are mixed - it's a lot easier to stop in on the way to work, but on weekends when the weather was nice I loved grabbing something to drink and sitting outside.

I do wonder if anyone not familiar with the shopping center has driven by during the transition, seen what looks like *two* Starbucks in the same center, and been flabbergasted at the ridiculousness of it all. ;)

Katie said...

Ugh. I wonder how the drive through line will have an impact on an already terrible parking lot situation. Whenever I've gone to eat during peak times during the weekday there is typically nowhere to park and cars circle the lot waiting for a space.

kam said...

Urban BBQ signs are up in the storefront that's not next to the new Starbucks location, but to the right of that one. Says they'll be opening Winter 2016.