Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What Is Black Flag Brewery And Its Plans For Columbia? And What About Liquor At Wegmans?

Bananas and wine -- The devil's combo
Someone appears to be trying to open another brewery in Columbia called the Black Flag Brewery -- and I want to know what's coming to Snowden River Parkway.

I stumbled on the name on the Howard County liquor board's October 13 agenda.  I was looking around for information about the liquor store planned on the second floor of Wegmans.  I have posted before about the apparent application by The Loft Wine & Spirits to sell liquor at Wegmans, but I'd still welcome comments if anyone knows details.  

I focused on Wegmans again after walking through a Whole Foods in Chicago last week.  Civilization apparently survives in Illinois even though they stock bananas next to wine and Pabst Blue Ribbon near the salad bar.

This is Whole Foods, so I assume the PBR is ironic
Black Flag Brewing Company d/b/a Black Flag Brewery wants to a license to run a tavern at 9315 Snowden River Parkway.  I see random Web pages about the company --  like this on Bloomberg and this at the SEC -- but you can't count on the SEC and its forms to tell you anything useful.

What's up with Black Flag Brewery?  Is this a brewery or a restaurant?  The tavern license seems to suggest that they'll serve food.  But where?  The address on Google Maps falls somewhere between Lincoln Tech and Oakland Mills Parkway.  A bunch of buildings there face Snowden, but use the address of Berger or other cross streets  I'd love to know the location and the timeline if folks are in the know.


Anonymous said...

I believe there is new construction between Lincoln Tech and the EZ Storage building. The founder is a Facebook friend and it looks like they have started working on the inside of the facility.

Anonymous said...

Black Flag is the well known name of a potent insecticide. Not the name I would pick for ... a brewery!

Anonymous said...

Well Flying Dog brewery and Raging Bitch drink name isn't probably something many people would think of, but it works!

Anonymous said...

Comments on a beer forum indicate Black Flag is actively developing a place near where you specify. Perhaps the site of the failed Black Eyed Susan brewery down near where the two parkways meet?

Curious that there is already a Black Flag Brewery in England. Should really work on a new name just in case.