Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Restaurant Weeks Runs Now; Try Something New

If you don't have a feverish toddler in the house, then you should go take advantage of the Howard County Restaurant Weeks that run through February 2.

The winter version of the Howard County weeks has about two-dozen restaurants participating -- mostly upscale places and national companies.

I'm not huge on the weeks.  Most years, the specials aren't big enough to make me eat somewhere that I didn't plan to eat anyway.  But I see several places that were already on my list to try again, including Grille620, Aida Bistro, Iron Bridge, etc. 

Plus, it's fun!  It's an excuse to go out to dinner tonight or tomorrow or some other night in the next two weeks.  Go celebrate something.  Celebrate that you don't have a feverish toddler in the house.  Trust me, you should drink to that.

Check the restaurant list.  I'm clicking fast during Lil' Chow's nap, but I don't see an easy way to check out all the offers.  So please add a comment if you've seen a deal that looks good.


kevlar51 said...

Restaurant week has been a big disappointment for me for years. Now it's gotten to the point where I actively avoid them. They used to be "here's our normal menu for really good prices." And now it's "here's the stuff we slapped together at mediocre prices at tasting portions to trick you into coming here, enjoy the crowds and slower service."

Adam said...

I agree with Kevlar's comment. It doesn't seem like much of a discount to diners. Mostly it's just a tasting menu priced as if you'd buy it dish by dish. Not sure about others, but when I often want to try a new place, I want to go with a group and sample other peoples' dishes and small plates. I don't want a three course meal which is, at best, a bit heavy, and at worst, food-coma inducing.

Marcia said...

Add us to the "anti restaurant week" crowd. Mediocre food, crowded restaurants, very slow service.

We'll check out the interesting restaurants another time.

Anonymous said...

go to iron bridge-we went last night! 3 courses for $38 (appetizer, entree, dessert) and you get to pick from the entire menu. And food great as always...

Jim S. said...

Just went to Xitomate last night since Victoria's was 20 minute wait. Xitomate's restaurant week special is just get a chef special dish, soup, and dessert for $25.

Instead just got the normal stuff off the menu.

Still haven't seen a place other then Iron Bridge give an actual good deal for Restaurant week.