Thursday, January 8, 2015

Check Out The Greek Cookies Tucked In A Florist; Raimondi's Does Cookies, Pies, Cakes And Candy

My four cookies from Raimondi's
There is a sweet thrill in eating where I can't figure out how they pulled off the recipe.

I stumbled on Greek cookies in a florist-bakery in Ellicott City, and I was excited to find that they're exceptional and doing something with butter that I can't do myself.

Step inside Raimondi's on Rte 108, and you'll see maybe 10 cookie variations.  These were rich treats, but they're somehow also light and crisp.  Delicious buttery flavor as I ate them, but no oily after taste or heavy feel.  Some vanilla.  Some chocolate.  A few dipped in chocolate, just a touch.  Imagine cookies slightly softer than biscotti, but closer to that dry, classy cookie as opposed to a gooey chocolate chip.

Raimindi's has a full bakery display and a candy counter inside the florist shop.  They buy the cookies from Yia Yia's bakery if I understood correctly.  They also sell pies and cakes.  They can special order Vaccaro's cannolis with a day or two's notice.

I only ate four cookies.  And I forgot to write the names.  I was just experimenting on a lark.  Raimondi's is a florist next to Coal Fire Pizza and across from Starbucks.  I pulled in for caffeine, but I was so pleased by the cookies that I forgot to buy an espresso.

Raimondi's is definitely worth checking out.  I have bought more than my share of cookies or candy displayed in retail stores.  Most are not interesting.  These Greek cookies are worth driving to pick up -- and I'll be pleased to hear if the pies, cakes or candies meet the same standard.

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kevlar51 said...

Are the pies from Yia Yia's too? If so, the one in the middle on the bottom rack in your picture is the best pie I've ever eaten (assuming it's their blueberry cheesecake pie). It's not thick and dense like a NY cheesecake--closer to a pudding consistency. But what makes it is the buttery crust. I'm normally one to leave pie crust on my plate, but with these things I could probably eat an empty pie shell and be happy :)