Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You Really Want A Selfie Stick -- The Greatest Invention To Take Cell Phone Shots Of Yourself

Selfie stick (in orange) and remotes (in small white box)
The second-best thing that we brought back from Korea is a selfie-stick -- a little tool that lets you extend your arm and take cell phone photos where you actually look good.

We have spent more than a month talking about why this trend hasn't caught on in America.  And now it has.

You want to go today to the Lotte on Rte 40 in Catonsville and buy a selfie stick and a Bluetooth remote.  They're about $8 each.  That's a fair price.  These are $5 each in Seoul.  You pair the remote with your phone.  You put your phone into the selfie-stick.  Suddenly, you can take awesome photos of yourself -- ones where you don't have a triple chin and ones where the photo shows the background not just two faces.

We love our selfie stick.  We bought a back up.  But Mrs. HowChow still asked me yesterday why I hadn't bought another set when I saw them at Lotte.  (There were displays at the end of Aisle 8 and at customer service.)  Seriously, this is great fun.  The remote is absolutely necessary because you don't want to use your timer for every shot.

Has anyone see selfie sticks anywhere else for sale?  My friend saw tourists use them in Venice, but I haven't seen them here at all.


Carole Liberman said...

If you go to Amazon and search for "Selfie Stick," they are available.

Marcia said...

Steve saw one in his photography magazine for $38.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Hawaii and it seemed like everyone had a selfie-stick there!!! They sold them everywhere. I guess we'll see more of it here now. They are very useful ;)

EGKate said...

I just saw this, and thought of this post! I wonder if this will affect Lotte's supplies. If they can't be sold, they probably can't be exported.