Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Exotic Breakfast In An Unexpected Spot: Belgian Waffles And Crepes At Whirlz In Ellicott City

Liege waffles and crepes at Whirlz just off Rte 108
Suddenly, we are up early on weekend mornings, so we're on the hunt for cool places for breakfast.

First stop was the Whirlz shop in the Dorsey Hall village center in Ellicott City.  Whirlz has teamed with the folks from the La Pearl waffle truck to offer morning treats.  Belgian waffles with all kinds of toppings.  Crepes that run from sweet to savory.

We stopped by last Saturday.  We had thought Lil's Chow would love a waffle.  He eats well, and he loves crispy stuff like pizza crust and dumpling wrappers.  But he actually threw himself into the Whirlz crepe.  I had gone eggs, bacon and cheese, so that's a classic combination.  Whirl's crepes have a slight crunch, and Lil's Chow and I both enjoyed some warm savoriness on a cold morning.

Savory crepe
Mrs. HowChow went with a basic waffle.  La Pearl does liege waffles with sweetness in the batter.  We had the biscoff -- a spread made from crushed cookies -- and bananas.  La Pearl pushes the Belgian waffle from Belgium, not the American waffles that we call "Belgian."  It is a different taste, one of those dishes that stands out because it is succeeds by being simple.

Whirlz does breakfast from 8 am to 2 pm on weekends.  They offer a full coffee and latte lineup.  So the booths are a nice place to set up with folks.  An easy place to check the schedule is La Pearl's Twitter feed.

Whirlz does its main business as a frozen yogurt shop.  They're definitely trying to break the standard "yogurt shop" format.  That makes sense considering that we have four seasons here.  They have sold crepes for a while with fillings that run from fruits to Reese's-inspired mixtures to the savory eggs and bacon.  They're in the Dorsey Hall village center just north of Rte 108 and just west of Rte 29.


Leeann said...

We like Whirlz for the food but even more so for the owner. He is the nicest and friendliest man and it makes it a pleasure to go to his shop.

The Unmanly Chef said...

The Whirlz owner is a great guy. His waffles are great and so are his crepes. It's definitely a delicious change of pace for dessert or breakfast

LintMan said...

I just went to Whirlz for breakfast with two of my children last week. I got the Belgian waffle with Nutella spread - tasty but too sweet for me to be able to finish it - I think the sweetness of the waffle itself without toppings will be fine next time I get one. But the savory selection of crepes is what I really want to try next. My kids both went for the Smores crepes and liked them a lot.

Marcia said...

Here's another Belgian waffle place - Snow Cafe on Frederick Road at St. John's Lane. Next to 7-11 and across from Southern States. We didn't have the waffles there but had wonderful sandwiches and I tried the mango snow. Husband had roasted pistachio gelato. They serve Republic of Tea brands and good coffee. Others were ordering the waffles and they did look good.

Clay said...

We stopped by on Saturday and Whirlz looks like it has shut down. Their crepes were great….